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Piano Ramlee
Piano Ramlee is the first ever Malaysian piano to be manufactured and launched internationally. A tribute to the timeless icon of Malaysian music and film, Piano Ramlee symbolizes the legendary star’s multi-talents as a musician, singer and composer in creating beautiful music.

Piano Ramlee is a brand with a range of design models that ranges back to the nostalgic era of P. Ramlee to the sophisticated era of the 21st century. Built with the highest European standard quality for the international market, it even features a model that has Swarovski Elements in it. Piano Ramlee is marketed locally and internationally with quality on par with renowned brands. Music has been proven to be very effective in preparing the brain for academic learning among children.

The discipline required in music learning helps build character and analytical thinking.

A Piano In Every Home
It is our vision to make music education more accessible where the whole families can be involved together in nurturing a healthy bond through the beauty of creating music together.

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