Rent To Own

We are proud to introduce the Rent 2 Own Financial scheme to make Piano Ramlee affordable to all Malaysians.

This scheme makes it possible to own a unit for those with a minimum monthly disposable income of RM2,000. With a minimum instalment from only RM362 a month, you can own a piece of musical gem in your own home.

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3 Steps to Own

  1. Choose your piano at here or visit our showroom here.
  2. Choose your ideal plan to rent from 3 rental options - 12, 24 or 36 months.
  3. Write to us via Contact Us page with the desired renting specification, we will contact you once the rental agreement is ready.

Rent to Own option

  1. The initial payment on your rental contract includes a first month rental, RM3,000 deposit and compulsory service contract (RM500 per year) which includes:
    • One time tuning (RM300 per session)
    • Service contract (RM800 per year) which includes
      • 2 tuning sessions (determined by us)
      • 1 polish session
      • Spare parts
      • Labour fee and transport fee**
        **Transport fee is free if location is within 20km from our HQ in Puchong (the fee for locations further than 20km will be on a case-to-case basis. Feel free to drop us a message on the Contact Us page with your location to check on the pricing).
  2. You can decide to buy the piano you are renting at any time by just deducting the rental payments and deposit which you have paid from the piano price!